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Managed Services


System Administration is composed
of knowledgeable and experienced staff committed to assisting clients in the administration and maintenance of their dedicated servers.

WebHost supports

System Administration includes:
• System configuration
• Operating system upgrades
• Operating system troubleshooting

• Configure Mail Server, Web Server, FTP Server
• Software installation and configuration
• Install software upgrades or service patch

Backup and Recovery

Managed Backup's Managed Backup Service provides an advanced, reliable server backup and recovery solution. We supply a dedicated, scalable solution to successfully preserve your mission-critical data. By safeguarding your data 24/7 we can ensure uninterrupted business operation.

We offer customer-initiated restores and automated daily backups of selected files; full or incremental. These automated daily backups help protect you from data loss in the event of a problem. retains backup tapes onsite for 14 days, longer terms are available. Offsite storage options are also available.

Unmanaged Backup administers a cost effective way to backup your data. An additional hard drive is added to the server and data back up is done by using an automated script. This allows you to restore the data anytime.

Security offers real-time network security solutions designed to prevent unauthorized access to your network by creating barriers to entry.

• Firewall
• Intrusion Detection
• Virtual Private Networks
• Site Hardening
• SSL Certificates

Managed Firewall Service's Managed Firewall Service provides firewall protection for your colocated or dedicated servers. Firewalls are a crucial element of any Web security implementation. They intercept all traffic entering your site and prevent potentially harmful access by malicious entrants. Our experienced security experts will work with you to customize a firewall security system to fit your needs. Then leave it to us to monitor your firewall 24/7, and alert you in the event of a problem.

Intrusion Detection Service

The Intrusion Detection Service provides an extra layer of protection for your network. It attempts to detect an intruder hacking into your server or a registered user abusing information. The IDS runs 24/7 on your system, working behind the scenes, notifying you when it encounters something suspicious or illegal. IDS can stop an intruder before the damage is done. Firewalls are efficient watchmen, preventing access to your network by security threats, however, when united with IDS you are that much more secure.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks provide a secure means to communicate private data passing through the public Internet. VPN's maintain privacy through the use of tunneling protocols and security procedures. By means of encryption, authentication and access control, your network's information is protected.

Site Hardening's Site Hardening services provide the maximum protection of your data. Site Hardening implements the most effective and cutting edge security systems to ensure that all facets of your site are hardened against possible assaults. We fortify all security configurations, settings and features to suit your system requirements.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are used to authenticate a Web site and ensure that a secure connection exists between the browser and your server. offers Secure Server IDs from VeriSign.

Secure Server IDs, also known as digital certificates, bind an identity to a pair of electronic keys that can be used to encrypt and sign digital information. A Secure Server ID is able to verify that someone has the right to use a given key, helping to prevent people from impersonating other users. Used in conjunction with encryption, SSIs provide a complete security solution, assuring the identity of the parties involved in a transaction.